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How will Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics And AI Shape The Future Of Retail?
Geore Goley, CTO


Adapting IoT Technologies and Advanced Analytics to Customers’ Needs – Is the future happening now?
Sacha Tikhomiroff, Managing Director France


The future of Retail – Optimizing the shopping experience with disruptive IoT technologies
Pavan Pidugu, Leader of Global Store Technology Transformation


Connecting the dots in a highly emotional market – Developing a strategy to turn customers into long term fans
Melanie Lauterbach, Head of Corporate Development


Online? Offline? Where is the line? The role of the retail store in 2021
Graham Johnston, Head of Omnichannel & Digital First


Food Safety and Quality 4.0 – innovative IoT solutions for Food Retailers. LoRaWAN Sensor Data Technology and Predictive Algorithms to ensure Food Safety and Waste Reduction
Domenico Carapezza, Key Account Manager for Enterprise Asset Management Solutions