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Rethink! SPMS 2018 Europe: Improving through Con(n)ecting

The biggest challenge for companies in the past decade has been the implementation of connected processes, machinery and products. Artificial intelligence, embedded sensors, augmented reality and machine-to-machine communication are just some of the technologies needed for smart manufacturing. The goal of these developments is to eventually achieve a fully automated production process as a systemic feature of agile economies.
If we look at the past industrial revolutions through the lens of the production function, we will quickly identify the rise of productivity as the primary source of economic growth. Thus, technology has always been the main impetus for major changes in industrial production. Smart manufacturing is at the core of this productivity shift – the fourth wave of industrialization – which is already taking place and will be taking place in the years to come.
Manufacturers (especially in small and medium sized enterprises) still seem to be hesitant to implement the necessary changes in their production systems. The postponed implementation of smart manufacturing could be the result of several reasons: lacking interoperability (and the current issues concerning standardization), high implementation costs or the yet to be defined security risks. In fact, 73% of global business leaders in the field of manufacturing have no plans, how to create income streams from the Industrial Internet of Things and only 7% have developed a strategy (Accenture, 2015).
The goal of the Rethink! SPMS strategic event series is to bring executive-level managers together to discuss case scenarios, future challenges as well as different IT solutions and technologies, which affect the development of their company’s smart manufacturing systems. Our networking platform facilitates change by bringing decision-makers together to an interactive and content-driven event.
Our team behind the i.CONECT 360° strategic event series has decided to further develop our broad event portfolio by bringing European and international companies together at the “Rethink! SPMS Europe 2018” which will take place in Hamburg, Germany in March 2018.
The key topics that will be addressed at our event include:

  • Smart Manufacturing in 2025: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Robotics, Sensorics and Automatization
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Platforms, Standards and Interoperability
  • Digital Planning and Additive Manufacturing
  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Operational Excellence, Lean Management and Shop-Floor Management
  • Cloud computing
  • IT / Mobile Devices / Apps
  • Predictive Maintenance.

Our previous Rethink! SPMS events (with a regional focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland) have contributed significantly to the Industry 4.0 discourse. We are certain that by providing a European perspective to the current debate, we will emphasize even further the importance of smart manufacturing systems in a disrupted, agile and connected economic system.
Dr. Stefan Pavleski
Product Manager
i.CONECT 360° Event Series